It’s Culture, NOT Costume.


I think it is definitely fair to say that there are some people in this world that really do nothing but give us a topic to talk about, and most of the time it being a negative topic. I think the Kardashian Klan would make an excellent addition to this entry because for me, they are nothing but a great example on how not be. At the end of the day, most people with a decent amount of brain cells left would know that these kinds of people are worth ignoring because there are MUCH better things to pursue in this incredible world that we live in. Sorry to any of their die-hard fans, but it is true. BUT, from the endless dribble that seems to make the digital magazines, blogs, Instagram feeds, twitter feeds and all kinds of social media about the Kardashians, it is pretty hard to fathom the fact that there could be something even a little educative that could come from them. And yes, it does come at their expense as per usual. After the big leaps and bounds society has taken over the years in regards to racism from say the 1960’s, it is still a sad reality that it is very much still prevalent in our society. Nowadays, it may not be as blatant, because the majority of us in this world simply just do not tolerate it anymore, so this is where a form called “Cultural appropriation” comes up. This refers to “only taking aspects out of a culture that are deemed desirable I have been seeing multiple online articles regarding certain fashion choice/statements that the Kardashians love to flaunt. These fashion statements get some people inspired (god, I really hope not), and for the rest of us, it leaves us picking up our jaws up off the floor because it can be pretty hard to swallow the fact that some people can be THAT stupid.

Quite recently, the youngest member of the social-media hoarders Kylie thought it would be a great idea to “blackface” herself for a photoshoot. To anyone unfamiliar with the term “blackface”, it is defined by Urbandictionary as “the application of make-up to a white performer to make them look black”. She basically had a close-up face shot with her face darkened and bronzed in a *shock* *horror* unnatural way and then posted the photo onto Instagram. Then the best part is the caption saying “I wish I looked like this the whole time”. Obviously she caused a ton of Twitter backlash with that photo and comment and swiftly deleted it, probably off to her next photo shoot with her in a headscarf because you know, fashion is fashion. Then we have the eldest daughter, but certainly not the brightest (or she even could be), Kim Kardashian who has the taken the world by storm by her large hips and behind. The constant talk over whether her hips are real or fake is not only a little annoying, but the real question is that why is it even now fashionable to even consider Bottom implants. Taking aspects from other cultures that you deem as the only attractive aspects for your own personal image is not ok. What makes it even worse is when these cultures are oppressed by society. You can look at “cultural appropriation” by many view points, but you have to consider the damaging, disrespectful and demeaning results it can have on these cultures. Maybe next time before you put on that Indian headdress going to a dubstep festival or get a maori sleeve tattoo just to show off your guns, maybe you should think twice. There is light at the end of the tunnel however, because “cultural appropriation” is being picked up on and there has been action taken specifically against the use of Indian headdresses at music festivals “The headdress is not, contrary to its depictions in popular culture, a fashion accessory, or common component of a day-to-day indigenous ensemble.” Im not trying to say that people should never wear anything from another culture if you are not part of the culture, but there is a difference between wearing it without a purpose other than to make yourself look pretty or wearing it to try to raise awareness and making somewhat of a difference. The Kardashians have all the social media power in the world to raise awareness about other cultures, but instead only want to raise awareness about themselves.


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