Media Space. Hop onboard and enjoy the ride!

Hey guys,

So my name is Nick and this is my introductory post for this semesters BCM240 subject. Even though I have only just arrived 4 days ago from my one year exchange in Spain and have only been to one tutorial so far, this subject sounds pretty cool! It could be the jet-lag that could be giving me this false impression but I actually do think that I will enjoy this subject quite a lot because I think the media is one of the most fascinating, important and diverse aspects of our modern day society. I say that because we all know that nowadays we are basically drowning in Media all around us, whether it being social or periodical. The topic this week is all about our experience in the Media space. In saying that, I think I would be one of the only 22 year olds that would not be in the Media space if that were true. Because we all know that it is virtually impossible to avoid.

The media for me is a massive part of my life. Even when I think I’m not even being heavily involved in it. In fact, right now I am without a phone due to my Spanish shenanigans which is proving to be quite challenging. I am always behind on the news now since I have no constant access to Facebook or even just catching up with friends that I have not seen in a while. I knew that it was a fact that my smartphone had a big impact on the way I lived my life, but I just wasn’t so sure how much it would affect me when I did not have constant access to it. In saying that, I think my experience in the media space definitely depends on my location and situation. When I was in Spain, I think it is fair to say that I could not have lived without Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook and maybe a cheeky little bit of Instagram. All these applications basically formed a massive part of my experience. The people that I met, the way I organised my life over there, the way I contacted home, the way I sorted out problems, the way I uploaded numerous tapas photos (insta ops galore) and the method of probably never feeling homesick. I would like to put a little emphasis on the application WhatsApp though because before going off to Spain, it virtually does not exist here in Australia. Of course there may be some people who use it occasionally, but over there it is probably an official religion. People worship it and practically depend on it. If WhatsApp HQ exploded, shit would hit the fan big time. I have never seen such a big following for a communication app since Facebook until I saw WhatsApp. In fact, it was basically the first question a Spanish person would ask you “Cual es tu numero de WhatsApp?” before they even know your name. Even the Spanish MP’s are on WhatsApp! So that was definitely a change to my Media Space experiences. I needed to alter my own behaviours and adapt to a new one that to me isn’t of the norm. Even though it was the easiest thing on earth to get. It’s all from the click of a button and there you have it. But I know you are probably thinking, why is he even talking about this? Because we all know that there are a gazillion of applications out there right now that make our lives easy, but all I am trying to emphasise is that this is why the Media space to me is actually one of the most fascinating things on earth. The behaviours that people have on social media, to the way we consume the media through so many different portals. It’s one thing that has boomed since the birth of the smart phone, and will not stop growing. Myself and everyone from my generation that has grown up with these sorts of media outlets will also shape the way they live due to these things. More problems will arise and there will be incredible discoveries. But who knows, right?


For me personally, to get the most out of the Media, you need to look at it as if it was one of those dodgy trains in India. Even though it is incredibly overcrowded and overflowing, you just need to push your way in and then once onboard, go for the ride, to…..well…..wherever it is taking you.

I hope you are all as excited as I am to get this subject underway and start looking into our own behaviours in the Media space, because I think that you could learn a lot about yourself doing so.

Thanks for reading guys!




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