What a quick semester! Feels like only yesterday that myself, a starry-eyed, fresh-off-gap year, freshman walked into my first BCM112 lecture run by Ted. The past 10 weeks of blogging have definitely opened my eyes up to the world of digital media. It has been a process of critically analysing digital media concepts that all hover around the notion of convergence. My three best blog posts “Many Hands Make Light Work”, “Nigella Foursome” and “Because I Just Can” all showcase the notion of audiences affecting convergence, in a more specific insight, ‘Participation’.

My three posts all discuss current or recent online trends and using examples, talk about the positives and negatives of the online digital world allowing user participation. Through writing these posts I have been able to understand why the open nature of the online world and lack of gatekeeping can be a problem yet be a positive. In my post “Many Hands Make Light Work”, the notion of ‘Citizen Journalism’ to myself means through the empowering nature of the participatory online world, regular everyday people do not have to be an accredited Journalist to create media. This can be used negatively or positively as explained in the post and in my opinion is harmful to traditional Journalism. My post “Nigella Foursome” was the most fun I’ve had writing thus far, which therefore helped me understand the new culture of ‘Remixing’ online. The concept of remixing to myself was a ‘distortion of reality’ and due to the very accessible and participatory nature of online platforms such as YouTube, it is very easy to do. I also understood that while remixing is very commonly used in a humourous sense (such as my Nigella video), it is also used to bring up political concerns. Writing the post “Because I Just Can” explained the culture of ‘Trolling’. The use of the poem ‘IF’ by Rudyard Kipling, I conveyed the message that you should always be prepared for negative criticism when you put your works and opinions online as it will be very hard to gatekeep trolling. These are just the negative repercussions of free speech online and the open nature of the internet.

These three posts provide useful insight to where the online media world is heading, a user empowering world!


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