Nigella Foursome?

Warning: Crude humour (and lots of it!)

Firstly, can I begin by saying, tone it down Nigella! Is this the new breed of chefs that are emerging in 2013? Is there some mysterious scent being set loose from her apple upside-down cakes that’s turned Nigella into a sex-fueled manic!? Well, not exactly. This my friends is the art of remix. We all know the REAL Nigella Lawson who is a much-loved, celebrity food writer and journalist. She is also seen as the food worlds ‘sex icon’. The maker of this video wants to exaggerate Nigella Lawson as an overly sexual person (with quite obviously bad editing). The whole purpose of this video is to distort reality. Andrew Whelan perfectly describes the culture of remixing using the French word ‘Detournment’ which means derailment or changing the direction of.

Now, with media platforms such as YouTube these days, it’s very accessible and participatory in nature to remix. Users take remixing as an opportunity to highlight or expose issues within our society or simply just to critique. It’s a deliberate act that can actually cause political investment into intervening regarding issues that are brought up. The only potential social issue exposed that I could decipher from “Nigella talks dirty” is maybe the extreme use of sex or ‘sex sells’ in television. If this is actually the case, the creator puts it in a humorous sense to soften the raw, harsh message.

Also, can the Remix culture however, “take things too far”? I believe it can but only to some extent including legally. In Nigella’s video’s case, it may be poor for her image towards people who have never heard of her before therefore defaming her reputation. But, we can all see that its over-exaggerated and hopefully people will recognise this not an attack on Nigella personally. At the same time, a remixed video needs to be exposed enough in the media for it to get really out of hand, this is when legal action may take place. From a legal perspective, the art of remixing can technically work around copyright. You are essentially combining existing materials to make a new product. However, some companies such as SoundCloud are encouraging remixing but take copyright of original work very seriously.

The art of ‘Remixing’ is on the rise and I will be quite interested to see how it will distort our thinking of reality throughout the years. But in the mean time, Nigella, have a cold shower!

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