Before I was asked to write this reflection, I didn’t really look back and see what I’ve written for the past 6 week. But WOW! I’m actually very impressed with myself! The name of my blog ‘Where’s the Seasoning’ represents my ideology of what lacked when I wrote prior to this degree, I just thought it needed some extra OOMF. I have noticed that my earlier posts are a little more bland then my more recent ones, but that’s what I wanted to achieve,  I wanted to grow as a creative writer. I’ve not only recognised this but I’ve also been intrigued, shocked and enlightened by how much of a role the media plays in society. It influences, controls and assists many facets of society. I never really recognised the media that much in everyday life. For example, I never really realised that most advertisements use semiotics to psychologically sway the viewer to buy their product. I mean who would have known that a pair of breasts would make you want to buy a watch? NEVER would have guessed that..

Also, reading some of my fellow classmates blogs have definitely helped me further understand the media’s role. This blog post especially really emphasised the fact that representation definitely shapes meaning. I love her own personal expression and opinion on her examples which makes it quite personal in a sense which makes the reader want to dive deeper into the mind of the blogger. Even the constructive comments on my posts lately have really shown that I’m understanding the concepts well.

The one topic that I had a bit of trouble writing was ‘Who controls the media?’ I just did not really know WHO owns the media and couldn’t really relate to it. I thought many companies had ownership such as all the television stations, all the different sort of magazines etc, and was quite shocked to find out that only a very few major, very rich and powerful people (eg. Murdoch) in fact do own the media. After grasping that concept and then explaining to my audience of how detrimental it is to society to put so much control into the hands of very few companies instead of spreading the control can really hurt us. That’s why I used the popularly known historical event (holocaust) to link history to media control.

My favorite blog I wrote was ‘The tribe has spoken’ because not only I’m obsessed with this TV show but learning about the ‘Mediated public sphere’ really made the show make sense. You don’t realise you are watching societal issues unfold when you are watching it in such a mockable and trivialised context. I also learnt that we all constantly participate in the public sphere which can be as simple as discussing those issues on forums.

All in all, I have learnt that due to limited media ownership you cannot believe everything the media tells you plus the media can greatly effect peoples ideologies. I strongly beleive this is why in this day and age there is so much emphasis on the importance of materialism. I have seen myself grow as a writer/blogger over the past 6 weeks and definitely now have more depth of knowledge about how the media plays so many different roles in society.


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