Many Hands Make Light Work.

Quoted John Heywood. This idiom to his understanding means ‘If everyone helps with a large task, it will get done easily and quickly.’ This is quite obvious in everyday life such as construction of buildings, the making of a film and a team of chefs working in a restaurant. It can also relate to the world of media in relation to ‘Citizen Journalism’ and ‘Collective Intelligence‘.

The Journalism profession can thank the internet for killing it off. This is due to the newly formed *drum roll please* ‘Citizen Journalism’! You’re all probably thinking OOOHHH is it some kind of journalist who acts like an everyday citizen, then BAM he strikes! Well yes, you are on the right path. We can all be citizen journalists, in fact you probably are already citizen journalists! But how Nick, you ask? Well, when was the last time you tweeted about a natural disaster, or filmed a school punch up on your mobile phone then uploaded it to Facebook? You were in fact being a citizen journalist. Now, can you recall an incident where multiple accounts of citizen journalism have helped the actual journalists get to the bottom of things.

This video spread like wildfire when a photographer at the 2013 Sydney Mardi Gra’s caught on camera a policeman seemingly being unnecessarily brutal to this young man. This made huge news coverage and questions were being thrown around such as :- did the policeman cross the line? Was this a homophobic attack on a poor helpless boy? A few days later more mobile phone videos from other patrons start to emerge on Youtube. This time it shows the young man kicking the officers multiple times and resisting arrest quite a lot, therefore the force from the police may have in fact been necessary. This doesn’t just represent citizen journalism but also collective intelligence which is shows in Pierre Levy’s quote “no one knows everything, everyone knows something”.

So thank you Internet for giving us a voice to the world of media, but I cannot help but feel sorry for the journalism profession (as I do one day wish to work in journalism) because the days of Gatekeeping and authority are slowly diminishing. Axel Bruns quotes in the reading this week “Collaborative knowledge management is now emerging as a key challenge to the traditional guardian authorities of knowledge”.

Maybe if the public take advantage of citizen journalism and start posting absolute rubbish online (not as if they don’t already do, Warning: nudity) the real quality-controlled and gatekeeped world of Journalism will make a resurgence!


3 thoughts on “Many Hands Make Light Work.

  1. Wonderful post Nick, and big cudos to your bravery in reading it out in class for us! Thank you. Great use of grammar and links and your style has nice personality to it. Your example of the mardi gras scandal was one many could relate to as a current affair. Nice one!

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