This definitely needs more salt.

Hey there fellow students and tutors, this first blog entry of my first blog ever is to introduce myself to you all! My full name is Nicholas Mclennan but just refer to me as Nick. I’m 19 years old and currently live in the Sutherland Shire in South Sydney. I’m Brazilian/Australian, birthplace in England and have a passion for travelling, which is quite fitting for the incredible opportunities ive had in my short life.

I have just finished a solo Europe ‘Gap Year’ in 2012 which was the most amazing 7 months of my life. Not just for the fact that I saw incredible places, but pushed myself mentally and physically, such as finding a job in England with no experience and navigating my way all across Europe for 3 and a half months on a shoe-string budget. I could not recommend a Gap year enough, this is coming from an average teenage boy who had no idea what direction I wanted to go in. I grew as a person so incredibly much and surprised myself on how many things I could achieve on my own merit. A definite highlight of my trip (not one my mother was quite happy about) was bungee jumping over a random Bulgarian river for only 30 Euros. It must not have been that dangerous if im here talking on my excellent blog here today! These experiences have definitely inspired me for when I came back to Australia such as learning more languages which resulted in taking up Spanish here at UOW!

I chose to study at UOW not only because my mother, father and older brother have all studied here in recent years, but because I just think UOW offers everything I need, such as world-class facilities, an enticing Media degree, and an incredible exchange program. *cough* High Distinction please *cough*. I chose to study media and communications because not only im avoiding science and maths at all cost but because I believe the world of Media has so much variety and gives its pupils so much to work with. Travel, food, sport and social media have always been more interesting to me then finding Pythagoras’ theorem to name a few. Of course as probably 99% of the people reading my blog today, I have a Facebook. I regularly update and check it which shows that I either have a serious stalking problem or im quite interested in everyday social life, it’s also a good way to keep up with trends and relevant current affairs. I would love to see myself in the future having a self-satisfying media career that will somehow incorporate my passions, whether it will be Restaurant reviewing or Travel blogging. I’m really not sure and that is what I find most beautiful about this degree, it gives people with the same confused teen mindset a chance to try multiple facets of the Media industry. I know this very first blog of mine has as much personality as a sloth doing stand up, and in fact is quite rich of me to name my blog ‘Wheres the Seasoning’ because lets face it, I’ll need to hijack India to get some spice up in here, Boom! But in all honesty I named my blog like so because it not only reflects my current lack of experience in the Media world and am eager to add more substance to my work to make my future endeavours as fulfilling as I make it!

Muchos Gracias my readers, you’ll be hearing from me shortly!


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